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Seasonal Maintenance

Gardeners  Actively Beautifying and Enhancing

We specialize in Seasonal services, collaborating with our clients to best express their unique and personal vision for their property. When you work with us, you can expect reliability, know-how, and understanding of all aspects of the garden environment.

Our upkeep services are inexpensive and value for money allowing for knowledge to be shared and further projects facilitated.

Why not make a plan 

Please feel free to click the link below to find the Royal Horticultural Society's website advise page, where seasonally-specific guidance can be obtained.

We recommend listing the plants you have in your gardens, before going to the website and putting together an action plan and an annual upkeep schedule.

 This will help to get the best out of your pots and garden beds come spring and autumn, perhaps consider also introducing winter flowering species for some off-season colours.

Seasonal Maintenance: Services
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